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Modern and classical stairs

  • Stairs for each budget
  • Metal, glass, range of wood materials
  • Modern and classical
  • Space-saving and custom-made.

Impressive and safe railings

  • Improve safety at your home
  • Vivid-looking
  • Wooden, metal, glass
  • Long-lasting

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Creating unique home decor

  • Production of doors and windows
  • Wooden elements with 3D engraving
  • Creating furniture based on your ideas
  • Delivery and installation

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Production of modern and classical stairs

The stairway is often regarded as one of the most important design elements of the building. It draws attention, makes an impression and has a practical purpose. A perfect stairway is an ergonomic, convenient and safe means of moving from one floor to another. It contributes to better health, looks good and lasts for decades.

In order to get a perfect stairway, you can come to us with your initial idea. We listen, which thoughts you have and make a very precise 3D drawing. Based on the drawing we prepare the stairway, modern or classical, which meets the style of your home.

Types of stairs

When choosing the type of your stair you should consider the area of free space and the style of stairs. The style of other elements in the building can give you the idea, which materials and finishing to use. We create the perfectly suitable stairway for you, taking into account your special wishes and the character of the building.

Metal stairs

Metal stairs are long-lasting and weather resistant. Bring modern design and style both to your home and office. Can be combined with wood and glass to make the stairway more special.

Wooden stairs

Stairs of solid natural wood. Wide range of wood types and finishing. Can be combined with metal and glass railings.


I-shape metal and wooden stairs for a reasonable price. See the gallery.


Space-saving L-shaped metal and wooden stairs. With a winding or landings of different sizes. Can also be combined with metal and glass railings.


L-shaped metal and wooden stairs save space. With a winder or landings with various sizes. Can also be combined with metal or glass railings.

Materials and finishing of stairs

We produce stairs from solid wood and metal. The stairway solution is even more versatile, if both of these materials are combined.

Solid wood – We offer a wide range, including the following: spruce, birch, ash, pine, Sipo, Merbau, beech. You can also request other types of wood and we will find it for you.

Metal – Majority of profile types are available in our stock. Special profiles available on order.

Glass – Many different types.

For the finishing of stairs we offer:

Stain, oil, varnish, paint – (according to RAL colour map)


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